Harish Shah, AIA, NCARB

Harish has more than 30 years of varied and in-depth design and management experience. He offers design leadership through collaboration and brings an emphasis on balance and harmony among project management, design, cost control, and schedule awareness. Harish’s extensive experience with a range of clients, private as well as institutional, and with multi-national architectural and consultant teams, is clearly demonstrated in the range and quality of his current projects at SKA and the projects he managed while working for large firms in San Francisco and Chicago. He has served as Principal-in-Charge and Architect of Record for major buildings and landmarks in the West Coast, and he has collaborated with some of the world’s foremost architects, including Fumihiko Maki and Ricardo Legorreta.

Architecture is never far from Harish’s thoughts. His passion for the practice is evident in that his favorite pastime is to sit on a swing contemplating how architecture is interwoven with life. Harish enjoys studying philosophy and believes what makes life intriguing is the fact that what meets the eye always has a story or another layer behind it. Lately, Harish has found he also has a passion for cooking – a hobby we all hope he soon shares with the rest of the staff.